The Horses Spring Into Action

Yes, there’s a play on words with that headline. We are full swing into spring and the horses are thrilled to be turned out onto the farm’s lush grass. But that rich grass can be too rich all at once, so we have to work them up to it, starting with just 15 minutes in the morning and adding more time every few days, then adding afternoon grazing time (pastures have more sugar in the afternoon because the sun’s been on it all day).

So this video is of Matt bringing three of the horses back in: Yukon, Mocha, and finally, Quill.



2 thoughts on “The Horses Spring Into Action

  1. Quill is really getting light! Wilhelmina doesn’t run in from the pasture! Monty and Tia come in with the lure of cookies, but I have to get a halter and lead Wilhelmina back into the paddock. She does NOT want to come in off of the grass!!!

  2. Spent the last hour catching up on the web site . I cannot believe the chickens climbing up on Matt. I want to see more pictures of the tractor! Can’t wait to visit again. Jay >

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