Those Boy Horses and Their (Ahem) Beans

Twice a year we have our horses’ teeth checked, since a horse will continue to erupt teeth its entire life and sometimes they can wear unevenly and even create sharp points that can hurt their mouth.

And should any of the geldings need to have some sedation in order to have their teeth “floated,” or filed down, I will take that opportunity to have a very personal detail of their grooming attended to: the cleaning of their sheath.

As you can imagine, not all boy horses are crazy about someone trying to scrub their male parts with soap and water. But if you don’t, then dirt, dead skin cells and smegma, an icky, waxy substance, can accumulate inside the sheath and in some cases, form a little ball–called a “bean”– that interferes with urine flow.

Yech, you say? I couldn’t agree more.

I have oh so cautiously attended to this matter before with a fully awake horse, and I can tell you, it’s much, much easier when they’re doped up and in their happy place.

A case in point this spring was Silver, our very senior horse boarder who is nearing his 35th birthday–that’s the human equivalent of 106! –and who had the telltale signs of a bean, which was smegma on the insides of his legs.

gelding legs with smegma

This is the smegma that coated the insides of Silver’s hind legs. Oh, no, he’s got a bean!

But when I broached the idea to him of removing his bean, Silver let me know that at his age, he wasn’t going to suffer the indignity, and I didn’t want to distress him. Who knows what his heart can take?

So the vet gave Silver a very small amount of sedative, just enough to keep the old guy complacent about someone getting that up close and personal with him, and the vet’s assistant (bless her!) went to work.

gelding sheath cleaned

Matt holds a sleepy Silver while the old boy gets his sheath cleaned by the vet’s assistant. That’s not a disembodied hand on the gelding’s back–that’s the vet, who is on his other side.

The process apparently distressed Lola the goat, who ran to check on Silver as soon as it was over.

gelding and goat

Lola consoles Silver after his little medical encounter. Notice how dirty the gelding is. This is the “before” shot.

Now that the bean was gone, the smegma had to go. The very next weekend, it warmed up enough for Silver to have a full bath, and our two farm helpers, Josephine and Charlotte, gave him a deluxe spa treatment.

senior horse bath

horse forelock

horse mane

gelding legs

Look, ma, no more smegma! Silver is all clean now.

gelding tail

Look at that beautiful tail!

clean gelding

Ta da! Here is the “after” shot.

As an extra thanks, we brought Yukon to the arena,  where the girls took turns taking him for a spin.

girl riding horse

Riding bareback with just a halter, Josie handily leans back on Yukon as she asks him to stop.

horse and girl

It looks like both the horse and rider are smiling in this picture of Char on Yukon (also bareback with just a halter).

Altogether, a really good day.

2 thoughts on “Those Boy Horses and Their (Ahem) Beans

  1. Ah, the “wonders” and “pleasures” of owning a gelding, LOL. I haven’t tried with Odin, but I could do Ty’s with warm water with no sedation. Man, I miss that horse. Hugs from sweltering Oregon.

  2. What fabulous care Silver is receiving in retirement! And thanks to Lola for her constant companionship.
    Thanks to all for the love & attention, Silver will hit his 35th birthday later this month in style, comfort and grace!
    In gratitude –
    Silver’s distant Mom,

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