We say goodbye to Chiko

Even though spring on a farm is all about new life, our 13-year-old old Australian terrier Chiko chose that time to pass away, thus closing an era. He gave us notice, however, and our youngest son, who was Chiko’s main human, was able to make it to the farm from Colorado to say goodbye to his dog.

Chiko, we will miss you.

filly nuzzles dog

Asta the filly says hello to the canine senior statesman, Chiko.

kitten and dog

Young and old: Chiko and kitten Fiona cuddle for a nap.

From an earlier time: Bear, rear, and Chiko were road trip troopers.

2 thoughts on “We say goodbye to Chiko

  1. So sorry for your loss. No matter the years together, it is always hard to lose these little furred spirits. May your memories help to ease the loss in your hearts.

  2. I’m so sorry that you lost Chiko. I know that he was a very special companion and faithful friend for a long time. Thank you for posting the pictures of him. He sure was a cutie.

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