Because Horses and Halloween Go Together

horses on Halloween

How did you spend Halloween? We rode up and down our pasture fence line and tried to look menacing as we pointed at cars. But it’s hard to look menacing when your horse sticks out his tongue (as Yukon did) or just looks so PLEASANT, which Isabella always does. We’re already plotting for next year…Photos courtesy of Sus Kellogg. 

Headless Horseman Attacks Farm on Halloween!

He suddenly appeared from the woods, riding a ferocious black beast and wielding a mighty axe. I screamed and ran for my life, barely escaping as the wicked pair swooped past, the axe narrowly missing my neck…

headless horseman man and horse

Who is that frightening thing atop that stunning steed? Well, that’s Matt and Yukon, of course.


O.K., so it was Matt and his gelding, Yukon. No one loves Halloween more than Matt, who every year would pimp out our little urban oasis in Louisville, Colo., and then climb into his own scary costume and become part of the display. And every year, unsuspecting kids would walk right past him and not realize the “stuffed man” was truly real until Matt would suddenly rise up! -causing them to shriek and run.

Halloween decorations

This is part of the decorations Matt would put in our front yard every year. Notice the stuffed man next to the witch?

Halloween costume

Eegads, it has eyes! (blue ones, at that). Yes, it’s Matt.

Great fun.

So now that we’re on a farm, the question was, If we decorate for Halloween, will anyone come? Do trick or treaters come out to rural areas? We asked our neighbors and were told no.

No Halloween? It can’t be! So we decided to make our own fun.

So this is Matt and Yukon, who I must say was a really good sport. This horse hadn’t been ridden in weeks, yet gave no protest when we pulled him out, saddled him, and asked him to stand still so a thing that sounded like his human and smelled like his human but looked NOTHING like his human could climb aboard. Then the two of them rode up to the road and waved to passing cars. Yukon took it all in stride, even when I carefully, oh so carefully, handed Matt the axe (and yes, that’s a real axe).

headless horseman drivewayNext year on Halloween, the dashing duo just might show up in downtown Friday Harbor…minus the real axe, of course.